Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet 2018 takes place on March 24th 2018, in Jokkmokk, Sweden.

With it’s 220km’s long track the race takes the spot of the world’s longest classical ski race.

With history dating back from 1884 it is also one of the oldest organized races in the world.

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News & information

Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet

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On Saturday, March 24th at 6am the worlds longest cross country ski race starts in Purkijaur outside of Jokkmokk. 

Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet starts in Purkijaur and make its way across the beautiful scenery of Lappland. The race course looks like the following:

Purkijaur – Granudden – ÅrreNjarka – Granudden – Jokkmokk. The race follows the same track towards ÅrreNjarka and back to Jokkmokk.

The total distance of 220km’s makes the race the worlds longest classical cross country ski competition and the first ultra competition in modern time. The race has history going back to 1884 when polar explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld had two of his team ski an unbelievably long distance during one of his expeditions, read more about the history here.

The competition is open to both the elite and amateurs. The maximum time allowed to finish the race is 30 hours, and electronic time keeping makes it possible to follow all of the participants.

The competition honors the FIS rules (ICR). Ski marking and control of pole length  is done at the start.
Competition / Amateur for ladies and men.
Seeding for elite skiers is done according to the following criteria: FIS points, Ski Classics overall ranking, results Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet 2016 ans 2017.
Result lists total and Ladies/Men. No senior classes.

How do I get to the race, and where do I stay?

See Travel & lodging

What happens in Jokkmokk around the race:

Sign up & registration

Entry fee
2595 SEK between 12/6 – 31/7 2017
2795 SEK between 1/8 – 30/9 2017
2995 SEK between 1/10 2017 – 24/3  2018

What is included in the entry fee?
– Starting west with your name
– Gym bag ”Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet”
– Umara energy bars and energy gel, sport drink, Red Bull, cheese sandwiches and sweet rolls, bananas and oranges, coffee, salt pills and more at a total of 19 stations
– Warm food like pasta and meat soup at 3 stations (5 passings)
– Ski wax for self service and spare poles at all stations
– A “Pavva Lasse” medal if you finish the race under 21 hours 22 minutes
– Bus transport from Jokkmokk to the start in Purkijaur, shuttle service with mini buses from the finish area to the competition centre. Transport back to Jokkmokk with snow sleds and mini buses if you have to cancel the race
– Clothes transport for change of clothes at 3 stations (5 passings) along the track
– A lecture about the historical race in 1884 at the Ajtte museum the day before the race
– Finisher certificate by three times Vasaloppet winner Daniel Tynell
– Samissh food after finishing
– Live timing and tracking

Where do I sign up?
You do that right here online!

Where do I pick up my starting number?
Staring numbers are picked up in the racing center in Jokkmokk.

Competition centerpick-up of the start-ID etc.: Jokkmokk, Västra skolan, Åsgatan 4
Opening times: Thursday March 22nd 14:00 to 20:00, Friday March 23rd 10:00 to 20:00, Saturday March 24th 14:00 to Sunday March 25th 14:00.

General conditions for the registration:
-The registration is binding
-The entry fee is non refundable
-Change of class is not permitted
-It Is not allowed to let anyone else participate in your name. (ID document is required at the return of the race west)
-Change of name is allowed for a fee of 300SEK. To do so contact the organizers at
-Participation is at your own risk
-All Participants must be 19 years at the time of the race
-Failing to return the timing chip adds a charge of 500 SEK
-The organizers have the right to change the race track
-Medical personell and representatives from the organization will have the right to stop participants from further participation if there is a risk to the health of the person


Sign up for the race

SkiGo waxing package

The registration fee includes waxing service. A variety of waxes can be found at several of the controls along the course and the participants can wax their own skis. Our volunteers will be available for assistance.
Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet is also offering an extended waxing service through an agreement with SkiGo .
You leave your skiers to SkiGo on Friday at 12.00 at “Samelandsresor”, Klockarvägen 1 (next to Jokkmokk Skiing Stadium). You pick up your skiers Saturday morning before the start at 4.00 at the fire station.

Read more and book your waxing package here:
Book a waxing package

The race track

Race course: Purkijaur – Granudden – ÅrreNjarka – Granudden – Jokkmokk. The race follows the same track towards ÅrreNjarka and back to Jokkmokk.



Height profile: 


Please observe that the track and stations can change.

Controls: A total of 19 controls along the course offers: sports drinks, tea, water, buns, cheese sandwiches, oranges, bananas, pickles, blueberry soup, energy bars, energy gel, Red Bull. At the controls Granudden (2x), ÅrreNjarke (turning point) and Purkijaur we offer additional food as meat soup, pasta etc.
Emergency services / medical care is available at all controls.
All controls have a heated tent or alternatively a heated building nearby.

Time limits (Time changes to Summer Time 2 am):
30 hours 00 minutes to the finish line.

The following time limits apply at controls along the track:
ÅrreNjarka km 99: Saturday 19:10,
Njavve km 111: Saturday 20:40,
Sågudden km 119: Saturday 21:50,
Tjåmotis km 126: Saturday 22:45,
Granudden km 137: Sunday 0:30,
Majves km 151: Sunday 2:00 (= 3:00 Summer Time),
Randijaur km 157: Sunday 4:00 Summer Time,
Ragalvisjiegge km 170: Sunday 5:35 Summer Time,
Pälnibäcken km 184: Sunday 7:30 Summer Time,
Purkijaur km 198: Sunday 9:20 Summer Time,
Skabram km 212: Sunday 11:20 Summer Time,
Jokkmokk stadium finish: Sunday 13:00 Summer Time.

It is allowed to take a break, but all controls must be passed and you must stay within the time limits listed above. Medical personnel and representatives from the organization will have the right to stop participants from further participation if there is a risk to the health of the person

Bus transportation to the start in Purkijaur: We offer free bus transportation to the start in Purkijaur. Buses run from “Västra skolan” (competition center) between 4:30 and 5:10 Saturday morning. One bus runs from Jokkmokk Arctic Camp 4.50. Note: Limited parking space in Purkijaur!

Clothing transportation: All participants receive 4 bags for clothing and stickers for self-labelling of bags. Important: The smaller stickers are for marking your skis! Stickers must be placed in the middle of the bag in the bottom half and pushed firmly. All bags must be sealed with rubber band. Coveralls which the participants wear before the start in Purkijaur will be transported back to Västra skolan.

Clothing can be changed at the following controls: Granudden, ÅrreNjarka and Purkijaur. The following bags are used: Black: Start; White: Purkijaur after 198 km; Grey: Granudden after 61 och 137 km, Blue: ÅrreNjarka after 99 km. Bags with used clothes are transported back to Competition Center i Jokkmokk.

NOTE! All clothing must be submitted to the Competition Center at Västra skolan by Friday at 20:00. Clothes you want to get directly after finish at the Competition Center shall be put into the bag (black bag) you leave at the start.


In 1884, the first person to ski the entire distance won 200 SEK, second person who came back to Jokkmokk won 150 SEK and the third person won 100 SEK.

Prices: The first price for both the gents and ladies’ winners is 50,000 SEK. The price money for second place is 30,000 SEK, for third place 20,000 SEK.
The Nordenskiöld Family Association donates a Challenge Trophy for the best man and the best woman

Frequent questions

All lodging seems fully booked, what should I do?
Don’t worry, SN Travel in Jokkmokk will gladly help you out. Contact: Britt-Inger Söderberg,, +46(0)971-582 22.

When is the race held?
March 24th 2018 (the original race took place in 1884)

How long is the race?

When is the start?
The start is at 06.00 in Purkijaur. (Starting gates are open for placement of skis from 05.00).

When and where is the price ceremony?
The price ceremony is at 19.00 at the finish area at Jokkmokk Skidstadion.

When do you expect the first skiers to finish?
We expect the fastest skiers to finish between 4 and 6 pm depending on snow conditions.

Can family and friends follow my progress in the race from home?
Yes, results and timings are published live on the live results page.

Can family and friends follow the race on-site in Jokkmokk?
The best places to follow the race in Jokkmokk is by the start and return point in Årrenjarka. The finish is at Jokkmokk Skidstadion.

Only contestants are allowed on the shuttle buses to the start.
There are parking spots for friends and family in Purkijaur.
Spectators that follow the race by snowmachines are not allowed to drive in the tracks!

What’s the official hashtag?

Any extra tips for participants?

  • Samelandsresors wigwam has drinks, bars, bananas.
  • Control of ski markings takes place at the check in for the start.
  • We recommend participants to use a water belt.

How do I sign up?
Easy! Just head here.

Can both elite and amateurs participate?
Yes, the race is open for both classes (you choose when you sign up)

Is the entire track prepared?

Are you only allowed to ski in classic style?

All participants who expect finishing time longer than 15 hours need a headlamp. All participants are solely responsible for having headlamps. Headlamps can be transported together with clothes to certain controls – see “clothing transportation”. Spare batteries are available at controls.

If you break a pole:
A number of reserve poles is available at the checkpoints. These poles are marked with the race`s logo and must be returned after finishing the race. Failing to return the pole adds a charge of 500 SEK.

Is it possible to abort the race?
Yes, it is possible to abort the race at any station along the track. Transport by snowmobiles and minibuses back to Jokkmokk is available along the entire race track.

Do you have ski service on the track?
Yes, there will be ski service on selected stations.

What is the maximum time to complete the race?
30 hours.

Showers can be found at the Competition Center Västra Skolan.
NEW: Massage is available at Competition Center Västra skolan. Price: 200 SEK for 20 minutes.

Food after finishing is served at Competition Center Västra skolan Vegetarian potato-leek soup, reindeer stew with potatoes and lingonberry jam, cakes etc.

Do you have tips for accommodation and transportation?
Yes! Watch “Travel & Accommodation” below.

Travel & lodging

DSC_5990 kopiera

All lodging seems fully booked, what should I do?
Don’t worry, SN Travel in Jokkmokk will gladly help you out. Contact: Britt-Inger Söderberg,, +46(0)971-582 22.

It’s easy to get to Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet!

Stockholm-Luleå (SAS, Norwegian) 1,15 hours
Stockholm-Gällivare (Next Jet): 2,5 hours


Luleå airport – Jokkmokk, Jokkmokk-Luleå airport
We offer shuttle busses from Luleå airport to Jokkmokk, see time table below.

From Luleå to Jokkmokk:
Thursday 22/3: 18.00 from Luleå Airport
Friday 23/3: 14.00 from Luleå Airport

From Jokkmokk to Luleå:
Sunday 25/3: 14.00 from Jokkmokk (hotel, camping aprox. 10 minutes later)
Monday 26/3: 07.00 from Jokkmokk (hotel, camping aprox. 10 minutes later)

Returns on Sunday 16/4 is possible through Länstrafiken bus, leaving 10.20 from Jokkmokk bus station. Note: The bus arrives at Luleå bus station, not Luleå Airport.
Price: 250 SEK one way. Contact SN Travel, for reservations.
Note: You have to book your ticket at least one day before your trip!

Luleå-Jokkmokk: 2 hours (175 km)
Boden-Jokkmokk: 1,5 hours (135 km)
Gällivare-Jokkmokk: 1 hour 15 minutes (101 km)

NEW: Travel Packages
Comfort Package and Basic Package

Hotell Akerlund, tel +46 (0)971 10017. Website
Hotell Jokkmokk, tel +46 (0)971 77700. Website
Skabram Turism & Gårdsmejeri, tel +46 (0)971 10752. Website
Arctic Camp Jokkmokk, tel +46 (0)971 123 70. Website
STF Jokkmokk Vandrarhem, tel +46 (0)70 3664645. Website
Booking of private accomodation:
– SN Resor,, +46(0)971-582 22.
– Boende Jokkmokks Marknad, +46(0)72-5598681. Website

Lodging outside of Jokkmokk:
Kåbdalis, tel +46 (0)928 50147. Website
Blåfjell stugby, tel +46 (0)70 6264059. Website
Kronogård Vildmark, tel +46 (0)928 50080. Website
Kvikkjokk Turistservice, tel +46 (0)971 21036. Website
Hotell Vuollerim Gästgiveriet, tel +46 (0)976 10660. Website
Årrenjarka Mountain Lodge, tel +46 (0)971 23018. Website
Arctic Colors Porjus Website

Experience unforgettable nature. Read more about Jokkmokk and the region at and

What happens in Jokkmokk around the race:

Do you need help with travel and lodging?
SN Travel in Jokkmokk will gladly help you: Britt-Inger Söderberg,, +46(0)971-582 22


The race is organized by Nordenskiöldsloppet AB and Red Bull in cooperation with Jokkmokks skidklubb JSK.

Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppets organizer Wolfgang Mehl

Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppets organizer Wolfgang Mehl

The resurrection of this historical race is a result of an initiative by Wolfgang Mehl together with his organisation of enthusiasts. With 25 years of experience in organizing big events and a background as one of the best 100km runners in Austria in the end of the 90’s, the race is in good hands for the future.

Wolfgang Mehl
, organizer
Daniel Tynell, sportive director
Lennart Larsson, competition director
Christian Rimpi, Lennart Nilsson & Lars Gunnar Lundvall, track officials
Wigert Engström & Merja Tyrväinen, organization manager
Silva Herrmann, compitition secretary
Håkan Sandqvist, Jokkmokks SK